What is a Video Pitch?

A video pitch is a 30-second video presentation where you can motivate why you are the best candidate for the position.

A video pitch is a short video that you create to present yourself to your future employer. In it, you will talk about your skills, experience and qualifications like you would in your motivation letter. More importantly, you will talk about your motivation and showcase your soft-skills. You will be able to present your genuine excitement for the position, and introduce your presenting and interpersonal skills early on in the hiring process.

Active video pitch

As a candidate, you can choose to add a video pitch to your application whether the recruiter asks for it or not. By recording the best possible video pitch, you gain a competitive edge over other candidates. This is your chance to provide an impeccable self-marketing video, so make sure everything is perfect. Write a script detailing what you’d like to say and focus on how you want to say it. Practice it a few times so you feel comfortable to pitch.

Reactive video pitch

If recording a video pitch is part of an employer’s application process, the experience will be a bit different. You’ll be invited to use a professional video recruitment platform, and can record the video at a time and place that is convenient for you. Before you start, you see a welcome message from the recruiter. You will be asked to answer one specific question – please note that you will have unlimited retries, but only limited recording time (30 seconds).

Set up

For either option, check the camera and microphone, and set yourself up in a quiet, well-lit room. Make sure you know what information you want to get across, and how you want to deliver it. Take as many times as you need to record the best possible video pitch. You can expect a high level of data privacy and security from the employer when they are using a specialised professional video recruitment platform. Good luck!