What is an Automated Interview?

An automated (or on-demand interview) is a structured way of interviewing where you can answer a predetermined set of questions with a video recording.

The automated interview consists of a set of pre-recorded questions that you will need to answer on video. You can present yourself not only by answering the questions, but also by appearing genuinely motivated, excited and professional. An automated interview allows you to showcase your personality better than a phone interview would. It also ensures a fair hiring process, because all candidates will get the same questions.

Invitation or open vacancy

Generally, there are two ways to get in on an automated interview. In most cases you will be invited by email after sending in your CV or leaving your contact details for an available position. In this email, you’ll get all the details to the job as well as a link to the video interview. Within the set deadline, you can record your automated interview at your convenience. In other cases, the automated interview is part of your initial application, and you can record your answers to send directly with your CV. Before you start, get yourself set up in a quiet, well-lit room and allow yourself enough time to record your answers.

The interview

After you’ve clicked the link, your interview begins. You might get to see a welcome message from the recruiter, and the software will ask you to test your camera and microphone. Now you’ll be asked some questions, these can be by text or pre-recorded video. Before you hit the record button, make sure to check how much time you’re allowed to take and how many retries you’re allowed to do. The last answer counts, so only retry when you think you can do better.

After the interview

When you’ve answered all the questions, you may see a video of the recruiter again explaining the following steps of the hiring process and thanking you for your time. The company will review your recordings and you will hear back from them soon. Fingers crossed!