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Case Study

Personal and skill-based graduate recruitment at Analysys Mason

Creating a more streamlined and predictive process

The graduate program at Analysys Mason is an important starting point for graduates to start their career. Thanks to many ongoing training courses, personal development programs, and career progression opportunities, graduates are able to grow within the company for the opportunity of a long-term career.

Each year more than hundreds of graduates apply for the graduate program. Recruiters go through hundreds of CVs and motivation letters before checking the online assessments and arranging live interviews. As the company and number of applicants grew, Analysys Mason needed to find a new streamlined way to assess candidates in the early stage. Since the end of 2021, Analysys Mason started using automated interviews to help assess the skills of candidates and create a more streamlined and predictive process. 

“We now assess candidates based on the skills for the role, rather than just looking at their CV.”

Hannah Shields, Recruitment Advisor at Analysys Mason

Automated Interviews help create a better preview of candidates

Automated interviews are used as a screening tool at the beginning of the recruitment process. After an online assessment, candidates will record a video interview. Through automated interviews, Analysys Mason gets a better understanding if the candidates have the right skills for the position. By using automated interviews, Analysys Mason gets a preview of the candidate, which they could not get from the CV or motivation letter.  

“We thought video was a good idea because they are very short, and we hope to get a preview of the candidate very quickly”.

Automated video interviews help Analysys Mason build a more diverse pipeline

Thanks to Cammio, Analysys Mason was able to streamline their recruitment process for the graduate programs. The integration with the ATS system SmartRecruiters ensures an easier way of collecting the data together. Thanks to automated interviews, Analysys Mason has received stronger candidates within the process and a more diverse pipeline. Furthermore, candidates get a better understanding of Analysys Mason and are more engaged. Finally, it decreases the amount of time for Analysys Mason within the recruitment process, as they gain a better and faster personality and skillset from the candidate through automated interviews.   

“Cammio videos have really improved the process. We have decreased the number of interviews we have done; the candidates are more engaged, they understand who we are ahead of meeting us and they are generally are stronger”.

Integrated ease of use through the SmartRecruiters integration

Analysys Mason has Cammio integrated with their ATS system, SmartRecruiters. The integration part itself is very streamlined and videos are pulled directly to the SmartRecruiters platform, rather than recruiters having to also log-in to Cammio. Hiring managers have the opportunity to access the videos in SmartRecruiters and review the videos.  

“The fact that it [Cammio] pulls the videos directly to the platform [SmartRecruiters] makes it easy for our interviewers to directly look at the videos and submit their feedback”.

– Hannah Shields, Recruitment Advisor at Analysys Mason. 

💡 Hannah’s best advice for TA teams who are starting to use video interviews in their process

“Get everyone on board so that everyone is excited to use it and show everyone how it works.”.

About Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason is the world’s leading management consultancy focused on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). They bring together commercial and technical expertise across four interconnected consultancy practices strengthened by globally respected research. Working with private- and public-sector clients in 140+ countries, they are committed to advancing TMT’s role as a critical enabler of global economic, environmental and social transformation – and to contributing to a world where technology delivers for all. Analysys Mason offers graduates a development framework to broaden their consulting and research skills and knowledge in the telecoms industry.