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Case Study

Video recruitment as an integral part of FOSSIL Europe‘s recruitment strategy 

Automated video interviews build an overall picture of candidates and accelerate the hiring process 

Automated video interviews are now an integral part of the recruitment strategy at Fossil. After the reorganization of the recruitment processes in the summer of 2019, video recruitment would primarily shorten the recruiting processes and thus the time-to-hire, put the personality of the applicants in the foreground, and optimize the candidate’s experience. The automated video interviews are used within recruitment for administration vacancies as well as store-related vacancies. The classic phone interview, which used to be used for initial evaluation, could thus be efficiently replaced. Store managers can use Cammio completely autonomously, which makes their recruitment tasks extremely easy. Interviews no longer need to be scheduled, as candidates can conduct the automated video interview independently from time and place. At the same time, they have the opportunity to convince not only with competence and experience, but also with motivation and personality, which are crucial qualities especially in retail with constant customer contact. The reviewing of completed video interviews can also be arranged completely flexibly by store managers, recruiters and hiring managers – the web-based Cammio platform can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. 

Autonomous, efficient and at the same time personal and authentic! 

Store-related recruitment at Fossil

Fossil Europe has managed to establish a recruitment process that provides store managers with the tools they need to independently fill open positions for their stores. Each store manager gets their own Cammio recruiter access, within which only their own video interview projects are available and viewable. Fossil Europe’s central HR team provides a set of video interview templates with specific interview questions for store positions for each new user. Store managers can start directly with these standard templates and invite applicants to automated video interviews. However, they also have the flexibility of editing pre-configured questions or videos, for example, to adapt the interview to individual circumstances. The central HR team provides a framework and trusts the local colleagues in the final implementation. Therefore, they provide support in the form of initial onboarding, regular training, and consulting. As a result, incoming applications can be quickly screened, and selected candidates can be invited to automated video interviews with just a few clicks. Whenever candidates complete a video interview, store managers are notified by email. The results can be reviewed at anytime, anywhere. Both store managers and candidates benefit from a time-saving process without any scheduling challenges for a first, simple introduction of the candidate.

Video applications for temporary workers – simple & expressive 

The video-based process can also be flexibly adapted in the event of seasonal additional staff requirements. In the context of the recurring Christmas business, the process is thus optimized even further. For the additional positions during this time, candidates in some regions can now apply directly via video interview, no longer needing a resume or cover letter. The video application option is available both in the online job ads and via QR code in the branches and stores. If the project is successful, this process will be adopted for year-round recruitment of temporary positions within FOSSIL Europe. 

What would Thomas say if he would speak to peers?

Thomas Jung, Head of Talent Acquisition EMEA at Fossil Europe

The use of video beyond candidate selection:

About Fossil Group

Fossil Group is a global design, marketing, distribution, and innovation company specializing in lifestyle accessories. A diverse portfolio of owned and licensed brands includes watches, smartwatches, jewelry, handbags and small leather goods. Fossil Group employs approximately 10,000 people worldwide, with its European headquarters located in Basel, Switzerland. New and motivated talents are constantly sought to ensure the company’s and stores’ activities. Ready since summer 2019, Fossil Europe uses video recruitment to create efficiency, personality, and autonomy within its recruitment processes. 

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