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Case Study

Scaleable yet personal recruitment at Kaufland e-commerce

Kaufland e-commerce operates Kaufland’s international online marketplaces. An international team works on online marketplaces with connections to over 11,000 retailers, who offer a comprehensive product range with more than 45 million products.

The growth of Kaufland e-commerce and the resulting growing number of applications requires an innovative and scalable process in which the personal aspect does not get lost. Therefore the the traditional telephone interview was replaced with automated video interviews for a majority of positions.

Phone Interview
Video Interview
  • Scheduling neccessary
  • Only HR gets an impression of the candidate
  • Inflexible for the candidate
  • Flexible in time and location
  • Increased objectivity: Hiring departments can get an impression early-on
  • Modern and innovative without losing the personal touch

Advantages of the video-based approach

Lorena Esser, HR Manager – Recruiting & Employer Branding at Kaufland e-commerce, shares her experience.

Flexibility and Time Saving

“Video interviews offer applicants and our team maximum flexibility and the speed that is needed to be faster than the competition in our market. Our principle “Move fast – get it done” is our guiding principle here and we are able to provide our candidates with faster feedback.”

Skills and Motivation

“By selecting good questions that match the position, we can quickly assess motivation and various other skills. What’s most important to us: the video doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be authentic!”

Collaborative Recruitment

“Video interviews offer the great advantage that they can be viewed by various stakeholders simultaneously. This means that the hiring team can form their own first impression instead of only receiving the passed-on summary from the recruiter.”

Bigger Talent Pool

“If a CV is not particularly convincing, the video interview gives applicants the chance to introduce themselves better. With a video interview, we can look at more applicants in less time – this allows more applicants to reach the second round.”

How do candidates experience the video interview?

What’s the feedback from hiring managers?

Get started with video interviews too!