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Case Study

High-volume video recruiting from blue to white collar at MOIA

What MOIA achieved with the power of video:

Time-to-hire reduced by 50%

No-show-rate reduced by 14%

Response rate to sourcing is now 46%

Getting to know applicants – time-efficient, secure and holistic

In the second year of the Corona pandemic, MOIA decided to integrate video solutions into their recruiting processes. The goal was to use a safer alternative to face-to-face interviews. At the same time, they needed to find a tool that improves the screening process to get a more holistic impression of the applicants. Another decision criterion was to reduce the scheduling effort of the recruiting team and shorten the time-to-hire (TTH).  

“Through the automated video interview, we were actually able to offer an interview to every candidate directly after receiving their application, without having to find appointments or organise events.”

Jan Marten Glienke, Lead of Recruiting at MOIA Operations Germany GmbH

Automated interviews for a standardised selection process

In 2021, MOIA successfully introduced automated interviews into their driver recruiting process to create a simple, location-independent and time-flexible process for their applicants. The questions were previously recorded and standardised by the recruiting team. Thanks to video questions filmed by the recruiter, MOIA provides a personal impression from the very beginning and introduces the contact persons from the selection and decision-making process.  

In addition, automated video interviews were used in recruiting for all other positions. Both the recruiting team and the hiring managers were thus able to get a more accurate picture and personal impression of the applicants in advance. Also, it makes it easier to compare candidates, which according to the MOIA team makes it even more reliable than a face-to-face interview, when it comes to aptitude diagnostic procedures. 

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“We were able to lower the time-to-hire by one week and the no-show rate by more than 10%.”

One week of time saving in high-volume recruiting

In driver recruiting (high-volume recruiting), the automated video interview has completely replaced the initial interview and thus simplified the selection process for applicants by one step. By standardising the questions, the interviews have become more comparable, and the selection process has been accelerated as there is an optimal assessment between the applicants.   The automated video interview in driver recruiting enabled us to reduce the no-show rate of interviews by 14%, as the applicants were able to complete the interview completely flexible. Also, the time-to-hire was reduced by up to one week because no more interview scheduling and organisation is needed. 

Our recruiting-team and also the hiring managers have managed the change very well. After all it does save a tone of time!

Jana Haack, Recruiter at MOIA Operations Germany GmbH

And last but surely not least… What do candidates think about it?

” In general we receive very, very positive feedback from candidates. It is a new and exciting experience for many of them, but they also let us know they appreciate being able to get to know us a little better in advance.”

About MOIA

MOIA reinvents urban mobility – with ride sharing. In Hamburg and Hanover, our electric ride-sharing service gets people from one place to another comfortably, stress-free and cost-effectively. We bundle our passengers’ destinations into one route to relieve inner-city traffic. To be able to offer our service, we recruit many drivers and employees who are working for the processes in everyday driving and in the depots for MOIA Operations Germany GmbH. 

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