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Case Study

Why HR Rail could not imagine a TA process without video anymore

In this video case study Christof Dunon, Advisor Strategy & Innovation, shares a look behind the scenes of HR Rail. Why did the employer of all Belgian railway employees chose a video-powered strategy in the first place and what learnings towards a successful implementation has Christophe collected along the way?

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Key takeaways

Why did HR Rail choose video recruitment?

“Now the candidates can apply whenever they want. We can watch the videos whenever we want. We save a lot of time. We save a lot of effort. And that’s why we chose video recruitment.”

Christof Dunon, Advisor Strategy & Innovation at HR Rail

Christof’s tips for a smooth video-powered process

Get ahead with video too!

Our experts are happy to show you around our platform and look into the best way to start videofing your candidate journey.