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Graduate recruitment: how to select the best talent in a competitive market

Organizations that want to create a basis for long-term success need to make sure their company is able to innovate and adapt to dynamic markets. As the innovation of a company is attributed to the people it employs and continuous development has to be part of a company’s culture, having diversity of thought in the work population
is extremely important. Bringing fresh perspectives, innovative energy and different views of workplace expectations, young people play a key role in creating evolution in the workplace. This means organizations of any size and in any phase of development need to ensure that hiring of young graduates continues.

As the economy begins to improve and critics emphasize the importance of a diverse workplace to nurture innovation, graduate hiring is rising again after a few years of decline. At the same time, many graduate recruiters are facing some specific challenges in their recruitment process. With high volumes of potentially qualified applicants, graduate recruiters struggle to attract and identify the best young talent for their company, in a cost-effective way. In the quest for a more efficient and reliable process, more and more employers are implementing a modernized approach to recruiting in order to hire the talent that can be developed into tomorrow’s leaders. Graduate employers using video to pre-screen their candidates are able to see more candidates in less time, get a good first impression of candidates while providing a best-in-class candidate and employer branding experience. Our new whitepaper on Graduate Recruitment outlines current trends, the graduate recruitment landscape, recruitment challenges and possible solutions. Click here to download the full whitepaper for free.

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