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Using your employer brand to attract the best talent

Employer branding plays a major role in today’s recruitment process and enhances a company’s ability to attract the right talent. As work and everyday life are becoming increasingly intertwined, cultural fit is becoming more important than ever for professionals seeking new roles. Candidates are increasingly selective when looking for an employer and choose their new employer in a similar way a consumer chooses a product. At the same time, employers face bigger challenges in attracting the right mix of talent. Whether they’re struggling with skill shortages in specific job segments or having to deal with a high volume of applicants, the right employer brand provides a vital filter in talent acquisition.

Shaping the right perception

A high level of consistency and clear communication across all interactions with candidates throughout the process is key in shaping the right overall perception of an employer and the role on offer. The candidate experience creates a first impression that can be favorable or not so impressive. Candidates are demanding a quick, efficient and accessible process. They see a slow response as an indicator of either a lack of interest or lack of professionalism of the employer. If candidates can choose between multiple employers, three-quarters (76%) selects 
the one where they can get interviewed first (TNS NIPO). Besides the overall length, also the speed of response, general ease of the process and opportunity to present a proper picture of themselves have a strong bearing on a candidate’s opinion of the organization. Getting a good perception of a company’s culture and employer brand is indicated as a critical factor during the hiring process. When deciding whether to accept a formal job offer, company culture and employer brand are key considerations. On this matter, TalentLyft has prepared a compelling infographic to help you scope your employer branding strategy.

A candidate friendly process

Since the job interview is one of the most important parts of the recruitment process, many employers undertake different employer-branding initiatives in order to create a candidate friendly process that reflects the company’s culture and values. The integration of video pre-screening within their recruitment process offers many employers a way to provide a great candidate experience but also increase their recruitment efficiency- and all in a branded environment! A video interview is always a positive experience for the candidate as it rids of travel and scheduling hassle. It offers them a chance to discern their fit into the company’s culture very early in the process and gives them the opportunity to showcase themselves at a time and place that is convenient for them. At the same time the employer is able to screen candidates efficiently, resulting in a much faster process. With video interviews recruiters can save expenses and screen more candidates in less time, which increases the chance that only the best candidates get invited for an on-site interview. Video recruitment enables a way to provide a great candidate experience and strong employer branding while enhancing the efficiency and quality of your process. Everybody wins!


Infographic | Why Video Recruitment Works | Download