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Cammio equips staffing and recruitment industry

Cammio has recently been selected by a number of recruitment agencies as their platform of choice to help power their matching capabilities. Staffing and recruitment leaders ABRGroep, Techsharks and Werkplangroep will utilize the Cammio video recruitment platform to improve their recruitment efficiency and connect with talent in more meaningful ways. They join a group of industry peers who have already adopted video recruitment as an innovative way to engage candidates and create a competitive edge.

The growing number of agency users on the Cammio platform underlines the current growth in adoption of video recruitment by staffing and recruitment agencies both large and small. Cammio helps enhance their candidate interaction capabilities and match qualified talent easier, faster, and more effectively. With the highly customizable video recruitment platform, recruiter users can easily create and configure tailored selection workflows, making it the perfect solution to help meet their respective business targets.

ABRGroep, Techsharks and Werkplangroep will each use the Cammio platform in different ways, individually optimized for their specific projects, processes and target audiences. Each of the recruitment service providers utilizes different API integrations to their applicant tracking systems of choice. This further underlines the premium connectivity options that Cammio has offered with a rapidly growing number of live integrations to external systems and platforms with the market-leading Connector API.