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Cammio Finalist Recruitment Tech Awards

In recognition of its recently introduced Xpress Analytics™ tooling, Cammio has been nominated for the Recruitment Tech Awards 2017 in the category ‘Best Tooling‘. The awards set out to recognize the most innovative and effective recruitment technologies in the Netherlands. The Cammio Xpress Analytics™ tooling, which brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Video Recruitment, was selected by a jury of highly renowned recruitment specialists. Finalists are now subject to a public voting, which will be added to the votes cast by the jury. The winner will be announced at the Recruitment Tech Event at DeFabrique in Utrecht on 23 November, 2017.

Cammio’s Xpress Analytics™ showcases a highly innovative and disruptive approach to talent acquisition that was recognized by the expert jury. The new feature brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Video Recruitment, allowing recruiters to predict the right match with more accuracy and less bias. By extracting a unique combination of tonality and linguistic analysis, Cammio Xpress Analytics™ sorts the talent pipeline with a real-time analysis of candidates’ personality profile based on the reputable BIG5 model. In addition, the tool allows recruiters to automatically fed new hire data into the matching algorithm, giving it a deep learning capability to better predict matches.

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