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Cammio introduces how to video interview site

Cammio, European provider of online video recruitment solutions, has launched a new educational website. The website focuses on both recruiters and candidates who seek more information on video recruitment.

On visitors can practice their interview skills, find relevant research and get useful tips & tricks that help them prepare for their first online video interview.

A first-round introduction by webcam provides many advantages for recruiter, candidate and hiring managers. At the same time, video interviews are an entirely new experience for most people. As one of the leading providers of online video recruitment software, Cammio wanted to contribute to a better education of users, no matter which platform is being used as part of the recruitment process. The website operates independent from the existing Cammio website (  This enables Cammio to clearly distinguish between product information and candidate education. caters to an international audience.

Walter Hueber, co-founder and CEO of Cammio: “Despite the fact that many people have been able to gain some experience with video conferencing already, video as part of the application process is still relatively new. We noticed that candidates would like to practice their interview skills prior to their real application. On candidates may practice as much as they want and also have easy access to useful tips and relevant information. This allows candidates to focus more on the content of the conversation rather than the form.’’