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Cammio launches new competency-based question library

European video recruitment platform Cammio recently announced the complete re-build of its Cammio question library. The new library supports multiple new functionalities including multi-format questions, tagging, filtering and search. To further enhance system usability and overall recruitment efficiency, the new library also offers a completely new competency/role-based question catalogue, making it possible to easily create interview templates for specific roles. The competency questions catalogue is based on the industry recognized competency and Behavioral Event Interviewing (BEI) model of Spencer & Spencer. The new library is free available for all users on the platform.

The enhanced platform functionality further strengthens Cammio’s unique offering and underlines their commitment to create an efficient, flexible and easy workflow for employers around the world. Walter Hueber, CEO of Cammio, further explains: ‘’when we first built the question library, we set out to create a logical place for our clients to easily record and manage their video questions. Today we have brought the question library to an entirely new level, unmatched by any other platform. Our users now have all the tools in place to create, manage and script a question catalogue that will make video interviewing easier than ever’’.