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Cammio launches new user dashboard

We recently announced the launch of our brand-new visual monitoring dashboard. The dashboard presents usage, conversion and other key metrics in one combined overview. The new monitoring functionality further enhances system usability and helps Cammio users to easily track and optimize their recruitment funnels per vacancy or period.

The new dashboard functionality further strengthens Cammio’s position as a leading innovative video recruitment platform in the market. It is helping to enhance overall recruitment efficiency for employers around the world. Providing insights into metrics like number of completed interviews, average interview duration, geographical data and recruiter performance, the dashboard makes it possible to easily track and optimize the video interviewing process. The dashboard is accessible at no cost to all admin users on the platform and currently available on the Cammio web-interface as a first phase of development. A monthly PDF reporting will be added in the coming weeks.

Earlier this month, Cammio also launched a complete rebuild of the webcam test, providing both candidates and interviewers with enhanced technical testing functionalities prior to the interview. This is testament to our commitment to bring innovation to the recruitment process and provide a best-in-class candidate experience.