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Cammio launches redesign of candidate interface with WebRTC

European video recruitment platform Cammio today announced the complete rebuild of its candidate interface using WebRTC, the new industry-standard for Real-Time-Communication over the internet. The re-imagined user interface enhances ease-of-use through a plug-in free experience and combines it with advanced security benefits as well as higher video quality. Candidates can now complete their video interview on Android without any need for an installed app, the world’s first such application in line with the strong history of innovation at Cammio.

With the launch of the new user interface, Cammio now utilizes WebRTC for both its video pitch and automated interviews, allowing candidates to enjoy a greater interview experience on both computer, mobile and tablet. The implementation of WebRTC further strengthens Cammio’s industry-leading video interviewing platform and transforms the interview experience with HD video, clearer sound and improved stability. Cammio live interviews are to follow with a rebuild by mid 2016. The continuous investment in the Cammio platform underlines Cammio’s commitment to provide its users with a best-in-class video recruitment platform both today and tomorrow.

Bas Dirkse, CTO, on the new design: “We have succeeded in rebuilding our new user interface not only with the latest technology, but also with the latest design thinking. Respecting our tradition of intuitive usability for both recruiter, hiring manager and candidate, we have created on-screen interaction that puts the candidate in the limelight. Testing of system configuration is further automated and candidates are guided through the interview process with rich, clean and highly visual interfaces that maximizes ease-of-use and candidate engagement. Branding features have also been expanded and enable employers to interview candidates in a premium setting, because we know that first impressions matter… both ways!”

The adoption of WebRTC technology in the Cammio platform provides users with an improved interview environment including high-quality video and clear sound. Originally developed by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and supported by the world’s leading browsers, the next generation WebRTC technology provides browsers and mobile applications with improved Real-Time-Communications capabilities, allowing user’s devices make direct peer-to-peer connections and have high-quality communications via the web. Besides improved video and audio, the new system automatically adapts to the Internet speed of the user, ensuring a more stable connection regardless distance or connection type.