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Cammio relaunches live Interviews

We are extremely proud to announce one of our biggest developments since introducing the original Cammio platform in 2013. The Cammio live interview has been rebuilt from the ground up and now includes a range of new features available for our corporate and agency users around the world. Built on WebRTC, the Cammio live interview now includes panel interviews and will be available on all screen sizes. Newly added custom interview scripts bring the value of structured interviews to the live interview. The live interview will be made available from June 2017.

Bas Dirkse, CTO at Cammio, comments: “We have always believed in the combination of synchronous and a-synchronous interviews in one integrated platform, catering to the complex daily task of the modern recruiter. Following the launch of our automated and video pitch interviews on WebRTC in 2016, we have now also brought the live interview to the next technological level. The new live interview offers real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections, without the need of any internal or external plugins. While rebuilding the live interview, we’ve also packed in some amazing new features. I think we have again raised the bar in video recruitment with this latest release.”

What’s new in the Cammio live interview?

WebRTC as core technology: We have built the new live interview on the new industry-standard WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication). Originally developed as an open-source project, the standard is now supported by most browsers. It allows Cammio to offer native (installation-free) support with reduced latency and dynamic video quality depending on the available bandwidth.

Panel interviews: We now allow live interviews with up to 4 users simultaneously. Next to the interviewer and candidate, guests can be invited to the interview who can actively participate in the live interview from anywhere in the world. We have obviously kept the ease of scheduling through Cammio. Now hiring manager, recruiter and candidate can easily meet in a premium interview environment.

Live chat and cue points: During and before the live interview, participants can interact through chat. Any chats during an interview recording can be logged as cue points to navigate the recording afterwards. Both group chat and individual chats are supported, allowing participants to engage with each other throughout.

Interview scripts: We wanted to bring the benefits of structured interviews to the live interview and are now proud to introduce interview scripts. Recruiters can create a set of questions or topics for the interviewer that can be used during the interview, adding to the validity of this selection step. Once a question or topic is discussed, the interviewer can directly mark the question as complete and rate the answer.

With the relaunch of the live multi-party interview and the new features, Cammio has combined the latest technology standard with a range of market-leading features, cementing its position as the market leader in video recruitment.