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Cammio supports Lightspeed to hire top-talent graduates

Digital data collection specialist Lightspeed has joined the Cammio client family and will use Cammio to recruit candidates for their graduate programme. Automated video interviews will be used as the second step in the hiring process, to allow recruiters to screen candidates early on in a fast, efficient manner. Furthermore, screening applicants by video enables Lightspeed to find those personalities that best match the company’s culture.

Lightspeed offers an exciting two-year graduate programme during which graduates experience different roles within the company in a four-month rotation. The challenging programme includes assessments and the possibility for graduates to plan their future. There are many opportunities for reflection throughout the two years, as well as projects and assignments that graduates can choose based on their interest to ensure they develop a diverse skillset.

In their recruitment process, Lightspeed is searching for candidates with strong communication skills. Successful candidates need to be eager to learn and to share what they have learned. A commitment to the values of „being bold, create and fast“ is essential to continue in the process. By using Cammio, Lightspeed is able to find the right fit efficiently and fast.

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About Lighstpeed

Part of the Kantar group, Lightspeed is a leading digital data collection specialist on a mission to help clients discover truth through data. Their 700 employees in 14 countries are passionate about boldly challenging the status quo to find faster, more creative ways of connecting brands and consumers to build richer profiles of millions of people across the globe.