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Cammio video pitch available as integrated functionality in Carerix

European video recruitment platform Cammio announced today the launch of its video pitch solution as an integrated functionality in the staffing and recruitment platform of Carerix. Users now have direct access to Cammio-powered video pitch functionality through their Carerix platform without having to sign up for a separate Cammio account. Every single user is given access to the free Cammio online video pitch that was previously only available on and If they need additional video pitches, they are able to switch on the video pitch module at a monthly license fee that gives them unlimited usage of the video pitch functionality. This new integration is available in addition to the existing integration where a fully branded Cammio account (video pitch, live and automated interviews) can be connected to a Carerix account. Offering easily accessible monthly video pitch licenses, the new solution gives clients both large and small access to the benefits of video recruitment.

Building on the successful existing integration with Carerix, the Cammio video pitch is now made available as default functionality for all clients on the Carerix platform. The new functionality further strengthens Carerix’s and Cammio’s joint offering and is testament to their combined commitment to support recruiters around the world with a best-in-class platform. The integrated solution allows recruiters to add personality to the CV and gain better insight into a candidate’s motivation early in the process. Recruiters can easily invite candidates to create a 30-second video pitch as part of the application process and benefit from a more personal way of hiring. Completed video recordings become directly available in the Carerix environment to evaluate and easily select the best candidate.

The integrated video pitch functionality is made available next to the Cammio end-to-end video recruitment platform that offers a full range of video interviewing functionality including multiple interview types, customized workflows and employer branding. With the new integrated video solution, users are able to use five free video pitches per month to easily enhance their recruitment process with video. Recruiters that want to benefit from a video-powered process for all their candidates can upgrade to a monthly license. The monthly video plan allows unlimited use of the video pitch functionality at a fixed price that is based on the number of users, making the video functionality easily accessible for both small and large clients.