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Candidates on the new OTTO Work Force website apply with video

OTTO Work Force, the largest international employment services organization in the Netherlands, announced today the implementation of video interviews in their recruitment process. Candidates that apply via their brand new website,, will now get the chance to showcase their motivation with a short video recording. To provide this offering, the organization will make use of Cammio, a European video recruitment and e-assessment platform for agency and corporate employers.

Frank van Gool, founder and CEO of OTTO Work Force, further explains: ‘’Our people make the difference, therefore we want to offer our candidates the chance to properly present themselves using video. Video will become an integral part of our recruitment process that allows candidates to showcase their personality and present themselves to OTTO Work Force and its clients, in a more personal way. We’ve selected the video pitch functionality of Cammio as this offers us the best options in terms of integration, functionality and user experience. To introduce this new way of applying within OTTO Work Force, we had our staff record their own video pitch so they were able to get well acquainted with this modern way of interviewing.’’

Video recruitment offers a great solution for OTTO Work Force’s international recruitment activities. They now not only get a CV, but also a first impression and motivation of their candidates right at the start of their process. The video pitches can be recorded at the OTTO Work Force website or via the Cammio App. Candidates get up to 30 seconds to express why they are the best candidate for the job and can submit their recording once they are satisfied. Once a candidate has completed his video pitch, OTTO consultants are able to directly watch, evaluate and rate the candidate’s recording online, or introduce the candidate by sharing the video with a client.

About OTTO Work Force
Since its establishment in 2000, OTTO Work Force has grown into one of the largest employment organizations in Europe. Operating from 50 offices in Westerns and Central Europe, the company employs over 15.000 flex-workers, mainly stationed in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. They employ over 160 employees at their headquarters in Venray. OTTO’s activities are divided into four services: On-Site Services, Temporary staffing, Outsourcing and (Inter-) National Recruitment. OTTO Work Force is member of the ABU (Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies) and is NEN 4400-1 and VCU-certified.