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Carglass, Hilti and Yara select Cammio

Cammio, European provider of live and automated video interviews, has recently been selected by Carglass, Hilti and Yara to provide them with a branded video recruitment platform, including mobile app and ATS integrations.  They will join other market and industry leaders who are seeking to improve efficiency in their hiring process by enabling a more visual first screening of candidates.

Walter Hueber, CEO Cammio explains: “We are honored to be working with these leading brands to help enhance their recruitment process. What is particularly interesting to see is that the desire for video recruitment application is often driven from both HR and the business. They have a joint need to improve candidate selection and see the benefits that better and more visual pre-screening can bring.‘’

Industry Analyst Gartner recently outlined the business impact in their report Hype Cycle for Human Capital Management Software, 2013: Video-recruiting solutions can improve recruiter and hiring manager productivity, as well as better utilize the resources involved in the interview process. In addition, video may also improve the quality of the hire, as visual cues may indicate an unexpected positive or negative „knock-out“ issue that wouldn’t be apparent in a phone interview or application submission.”