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Hiring managers demand efficiency

Hiring managers in Germany too often spend time in job interviews with candidates that are not the right match for the position they came to interview for. This was revealed through a study by market researcher Research Now for European online video interview platform Cammio. Over half of the managers that were polled indicated that candidates did not match the job profile in the interview even though they initially had matched based on their CV only. This presents a problem since managers also indicated that they only had limited time available for job interviews: over 40 per cent of respondents said that they found it difficult to find time in their daily schedule to interview job applicants

„Many enterprises find it hard to create a more efficient interview process whilst ensuring a great candidate experience“, says Walter Hueber, CEO at Cammio. „Especially job interviews are a real bottle neck for many organizations. They are still unnecessary inflexible and expensive.“

Slow processes means risk of losing the best candidate

Three-quarters of all managers interviewed said that their limited availability and general lack of time for job interviews usually leads to delays in the application process (76 per cent). A similar sized group of managers indicates that this has caused their company to lose applicants (75 per cent). Earlier research amongst candidates showed that candidates regularly leave an application if another company is able to offer a faster process.

Online video interviews often still uncharted territory

One would expect that a change towards faster and more efficient job interviews is high on the agenda of managers in Germany. Over 90 per cent of the polled managers however only used traditional job interviews. This despite the fact that online video interviews would allow them to conduct a first online screening that would result in better matches for office interviews. Peers that have implemented online job interviews for first round screening were 2 to 3 times more likely to meet their recruitment targets.

Walter Hueber adds: “ Video interviews are the last frontier in e-recruitment. Managers and candidates can easily go online for a first round personal introduction. This allows companies to better compete for the best talent and candidates to present themselves at a time that is convenient to them. Everybody wins!“