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Platform of choice in recruitment and staffing

Cammio has recently been selected by a number of recruitment agencies across Europe as their video interview platform of choice. This underlines the current growth in adaptation of video recruitment by agencies large and small. National and international staffing and recruitment leaders like Smart MBC, Raymakers v/d Bruggen and Octagon have chosen to upgrade their candidate interaction capabilities with the Cammio platform. It allows them to not only engage with candidates better, but also to present them to clients in an innovative, visual way.

Video is an important innovation area in the field of staffing and recruitment for Smart MBC, Raymakers v/d Bruggen and Octagon. The recruitment and staffing agencies will each use the Cammio platform in different ways, individually optimized for their specific recruitment process. The highly customizable platform, including both automated, live and video pitch interviews, provides them with a broad range of solutions to create tailored processes that will help them meet their respective business targets. They will join other market and industry leaders who are seeking to improve efficiency in their hiring process and recognize the benefits of enhanced visual pre-screening. The use of video will help them provide an engaging and involving process for both their candidates and end-customers.