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Retailer BAS Group recruits with Cammio

Cammio today proudly announces that it has been selected by retail powerhouse BAS Group (Dixons, MyCom and iCentre) to provide them with a branded video recruitment platform in order to enhance their recruitment process. They will join a growing base of industry peers who make use of online video recruitment to improve quality-of-hire by enabling a more visual first screening of candidates.

Most retailers are characterized by a large geographical spread of staff across stores supported by a relatively small central support organization. This calls for efficient ways to select the right candidates. Bas Group will deploy the Cammio video recruitment platform in combination with their applicant tracking system Carerix in order to create an efficient workflow. Candidates can select any job online, and apply directly with video and resume after answering a few initial selection questions. The completed candidate application is then made available in the ATS where it can easily be reviewed, rated and shared with hiring managers.

Walter Hueber, CEO Cammio explains: “Despite the current economic climate, the number of vacancies within the retail sector remains strong. Pressure on the recruitment teams to keep their organizations sufficiently staffed is high. The use of online video interviews offers them a clear solution while creating a great candidate experience. We are truly excited to help these market leading brands improve their recruitment process with better and more visual pre-screening.’’

BAS Group is the biggest OMNI Channel fulfillment enterprise of the Netherlands. It’s three store formats iCentre, Dixons and MyCom have a coverage of 198 stores throughout the Netherlands. BAS Group started using Cammio video interview to recruit and select talent for their shops in December 2013 and has made video a standard part of the application procedure. Cammio has recently also been selected by EN-HR, who is a specialized RPO provider in retail and will deploy the Cammio video recruitment platform for a number of leading retail brands in the Netherlands.