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Valyoubel partners with Cammio

Valyoubel, a leading international service and technology provider in staffing & recruitment, has partnered with Cammio to provide their clients on its technology platform with easy access to video interview functionality. Via the integration, Valyoubel platform users will be able to use Cammio’s live, automated and video pitch interviews as part of their Valyoubel-powered recruitment process.

The integration with Valyoubel uses the Cammio Connector API that already supports over 25 HR information Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems and Assessment Providers with embedded video recruitment functionality. Cammio believes that recruiters should be able to use any technology as part of an integrated recruitment workflow to have faster access to better matching candidates.

About Valyoubel

We are the leading international service and technology provider in the personnel area. To companies and talent managers, we offer unique solutions to attract, integrate and develop their most valuable resource: their talents. We accomplish this task with our top-class teams, innovative technology and proven scientific instruments. We believe that all actions which affect the lives of people should be performed strategically. Every decision has to be taken carefully because it has financial and emotional consequences for both sides.