Cammio Academy | Select & Assess your candidates | Live Webinar

Cammio Academy

September 24, 2020 | Select & Assess your candidates | Live Webinar

The world speaks video
… do you also speak video in your talent journey?

In 2020 we aim to have video the primary language in candidate communication. To help you achieve that we are providing a series of online video sessions in the Cammio Academy.

Cammio Academy is a series of online video training & sessions exclusively available for Cammio clients. The Academy is designed to help you add video in every step of your talent journey by using off all Cammio’s features to the fullest. Everyone who would like to get deeper insights on how to maximize the usage of our products and to get tips and best practises should sign up for these sessions.

This session focusses on Selecting & Assessing your candidates –  with live interviews and smart scheduling functionality.

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