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Webinar recording

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How talent acquisition and hiring managers at Galapagos attract and convince more talent

This is a recording of a webinar with Marie Van Kerckhoven, head of talent acquisition at Galapagos, which took place on 14 July.

All highlights at a glance

Being a true partner to your business

Marie’s number one tip is owning your role as a specialist in talent acquisition. Don’t just be the person passing on the CVs. Know your market, advise on where to find the best candidates, be a strong assessor and that way become a true partner to your business.

Video recruitment boost
Innovate and let the results speak for themselves

Once Marie and her team had claimed their role as specialist advisors, they had enough trust from the organisation to start innovating the process. Starting with small pilots they organically convinced more and more hiring managers to adopt changes that would ultimately lead to a more (cost-) efficient process.

Focus on talent

Marie is convinced that in the future it will be less and less important if somebody is a permanent employee, a temp or a freelancer. What matters is talent and how organisations can best facilitate people to unfold their talent independent of location

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