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14.06.2022 | 11.30 | LIVE Webinar

Double your Power

How hiring managers and recruiters attract the best talents by working together as a team

Why has it become the norm that talent acquisition is the sole responsibility of the HR or recruiting department? When all available studies show that organisations where both areas work hand in hand are significantly more successful in talent acquisition?

In this interactive webinar, Marie van Kerckhoven, Head of Talent Acquisition at Galapagos, tells you all about how she and her team successfully includes the hiring managers into talent acquisition processes on a daily basis.

Among other things, you will learn:

  • How the authentic insights from the hiring managers in combination with the proven market knowledge of the recruiting department convince candidates in the attraction phase.
  • How different perspectives make the selection process more transparent and equal.
  • What Marie has learned and experienced from this approach.

The second half of the webinar, we explicitly reserve time and space for exchange and discussion among the participants. So feel free to bring your experience reports, anecdotes and questions!

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