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AUBI-plus partners with Cammio to create a better first impression

The Hague/ Hüllhorst, 27 May 2019 – Training portal AUBI-plus is launching a partnership with Cammio Video Recruitment Experts to give employers an even better first impression of students interested in traineeships and graduate positions. The training portal serves as a platform to bring young people interested in training or studies together with training companies or universities. In addition to job advertisements, it also contains lots of information on the subject of applications as well as on various professions and courses of study.

In order to introduce the young people to the training companies on a personal level, AUBI-plus uses both automated and live video interviews from Cammio. Automated interviews can replace or supplement the traditional motivation letter and offer the advantage of a much more personal first impression. Companies that value a written introduction and motivation, can also get to know applicants on a more personal and visual level in the next step with the help of a live video interview.

By using Cammio technology, AUBI-plus has already been able to significantly reduce the bounce rate, as an app is no longer necessary compared to the previous solution. “We have also received good feedback from young people at job fairs because it is very easy to apply with the help of video and there is no need for a PC or laptop.”, Dominik Lindemeier, Head of Marketing and Cooperation Management at AUBI-plus, explains. In the near future, the completely renewed AUBI-plus website will also go live in order to offer companies and (prospective) trainees an even better experience.