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Brys uses the power of video to build personal connections

Brys is a young and ambitious recruitment agency in South Holland. Whether you’re looking for a job in Finance or HR, or seeking to work in Sales or Marketing, Brys will help candidates to find the perfect job. How does Brys distinguish itself from other recruitment agencies? By looking beyond the job requirements only. The recruiters always match candidates to jobs on a personal level, while keeping a close eye on a good cultural fit. In order to do so, Brys recently added a brand-new asset to their business strategy: Cammio Video Recruitment!

Creating a candidate database with video

For Brys, it’s important to create a solid candidate database. This used to consist of CV’s and cover letters, but Brys has now added videos to this to create a complete and accurate picture of a candidate. This allows Brys to screen more candidates in less time while easily meeting the person behind the CV right from the start. When a candidate has recorded his or her video interview, Brys shares the videos with their client using Cammio. This is the perfect solution for matching candidates with clients and connecting them to the perfect job. At the same time, Brys is collaboratively involving their clients early in the process, increasing the likelihood of selecting only the best matching talent.

Connecting to candidates through video

Not only did Brys implement video interviews in their recruitment process, they also use Cammio Clips, a recently launched video messaging tool! With Clips, the Brys recruiters can send personal video messages on LinkedIn or email to potential candidates and clients. By using this tool, Brys is really connecting to their candidates in an early stage, making the process as personal as can be. Easy as that! By using video in every step of the recruitment process, Brys provides an innovative recruitment process and a best-in-class candidate experience.