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Cammio announces Cammio Connector

Today Cammio announces the introduction of Cammio Connector. The redeveloped API REST interface enables powerfull integrations with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Connected Cammio clients can use most Cammio functionality directly from within their ATS. The first ATS partners to make use of the Cammio API interface are AFAS and Carerix, with a range of selected ATS partners to follow in the coming months.

Bas Dirkse, Cammio CTO, explains: “We wanted to give our ATS partners’ clients a best-in-class user experience for current and future joint clients. Our newly developed API REST interface enables us to take our ATS integrations to an entirely different level. We have eliminated double data entries across the two platforms so that our joint clients can focus on what they do best and that is hiring great people. We can fully customize connections and deploy individual versioning so that everyone of our ATS partners always has access to the best possible video interview integration.”

The Cammio interface offers both XML and JSON data formats. It provides a market leading programming interface to almost all relevant Cammio functionality. Connected users can select interview templates, invite candidates and review candidate interview recordings directly from their ATS. The well-documented interface provides ATS partners with full flexibility and ease in developing a seamless user experience for their clients. Now recruiters can work accross their favorite ATS with online interviews to increase recruitment efficiency and reduce time-to-hire.