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Cammio introduces Conversational AI in new Chat Bot

The Hague / Cologne – April 24th 2018 – Today Cammio announces the launch of its Chat Bot ‘Alfred’. The Chat Bot complements the Candidate Support page, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and live support to create a best-in-class user experience for candidates conducting a video interview on the Cammio platform. Chat Bot Alfred knows the context of the interview as well as relevant information on web browser, operating system and hardware, allowing questions to be answered in the most relevant way in real-time.

Bas Dirkse, CTO and co-founder, explains: “We want candidates to focus on their interview without having to focus on technology. Support should be there when you need it in real-time. Alfred is designed to learn from the issues experienced by candidates and give instant, relevant answers. Our Chat Bot is testimony of our ambition to be an industry leader in HR Technology and bring the latest technologies to our clients and their candidates.

Today less then 2 percent of all candidates ask a question or require some level of support with their webcam or microphone. That low percentage is a direct result of the fact that Cammio offers an extremely intuitive user interface. The few occasions that candidates do need support, we want to make sure support is available in real-time. From the moment that candidates are invited for an interview to the moment that they complete or submit their interview, Cammio offers a wide range of support functions. These include candidate tutorials, practice interviews, technical webcam tests, FAQ’s, phone, live chat support and now also our Chat Bot Alfred.

By analysing common interactions and recurring issues candidates could experience, our support team came up with the basis of Alfred‘s answering flow. Using this raw data, AI-powered services from IBM Watson such as NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and Machine Learning were added to the math to form our chat bot core intelligence. Enabling it to understand complexe sentences and alternative meanings. Because a problem can be formulated in numerous ways, artificial intelligence sorts out the possibilities to quickly deliver the right solution.

This is also, in a way, making recruitment smarter.