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Cammio extends platform with extensive range of new features

Cammio has extended its video recruitment platform over the past few months with a range of new functionality. The new features further strengthen Cammio’s unique platform offering, enhancing system usability and overall recruitment efficiency. Cammio has released a full redesign of its admin interface, customizable selection questions, mass candidate invitations, calendar integration and collaborative candidate rating. The enhanced platform functionality underlines Cammio’s commitment to create an efficient, flexible and easy workflow in order for users to focus on what matters most: recruiting and selecting the best candidates with a visual first impression.

Admin module
To further increase system usability, Cammio has fully redesigned its admin module. Recruiter users with administrator rights are able to manage their account and user configuration, get insights on usage statistics, set account defaults and have immediate access to candidate feedback across all interview templates. The admin module was developed with user feedback combines all the necessary tools in a clear dashboard to easily manage and monitor your account performance.

Selection questions
The new customizable selection questions functionality makes it possible to easily filter out candidates that don’t match the core job criteria immediately at the start of an open application process. Recruiters are able to add customizable pre-selection or funnel questions. This ensures that only matching candidates will be able to start the video interview and proceed in the application process.

Calendar integration
Cammio has also integrated calendar synchronization in email invitations that allows participants for a live interview to book their interview timeslot within seconds through their preferred calendar application. The calendar integration includes standard calendar applications such as Google and Outlook.

Employers without an active ATS integration that want to invite a large number of candidates for an automated interview, can now easily invite multiple candidates in one go with a CSV-file upload. Recruiters can simply create an automated video interview template and upload a CSV file to invite and interview as many candidates as they want.

Collaborative rating
We have expanded our external review functionality to include collaborative rating. Reviewers can be invited to rate candidate interviews using our 5-star interview rating system. If there are multiple reviewers, the individual ratings will be combined into an overall weighed rating. The new review functionality also allows reviewers to watch candidate recordings in a custom branded interface.