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Cammio introduces all-you-can-interview

Unlimited automated interviews for volume recruitment

European video recruitment platform Cammio announced today that they are launching a new all-you-can-interview subscription. The new model caters to the needs of organizations that have a high volume of applicants and demand for automated interviews, providing an affordable, predictable and transparent process. With all-you-can-interview, clients now have full access to the Cammio automated video interview functionality and remain in full control of their costs, regardless of how many applicants apply through their career page. Cammio will continue to offer pay-as-you-go subscription and premium live-interview packages.

Employers with a high volume of candidates struggle to establish a process to efficiently narrow the funnel. The demand for better and faster hiring solutions continues to grow and many employers are looking at video recruitment to help them improve their recruitment processes. Walter Hueber, CEO Cammio, further explains: ‘’ As companies are expanding their usage of video interviews, they more often decide that video should be a base requirement of any job application. A growing number of Cammio users has set-up Cammio as the very first step of the application process together with the CV upload creating a main entrance to their recruitment process. To offer these structural high-volume users a more predictable and transparent model in both process and costs, we have introduced our new all-you-can-interview subscription model that allows employers to upgrade their recruitment process at a fixed monthly fee.’’

The all-you-can-interview subscription allows users unlimited automated interviews within a fully branded interview environment, including access to the recruiter mobile app and complete integration with their own ATS software. With automated video interview, recruiters can simply invite candidates to answer a predefined set of video and text questions. Once the candidates have completed their interview, the recruiter can easily rate, share and review the candidate recordings in order to select the best talent. Video makes it possible to add personality to the CV and get a visual first impression of the candidate, before scheduling any on-site interviews. The new all-you-can-interview subscription is based on company size or the number of hires per year. Besides the all-you-can-interview subscription for automated interviews, Cammio will continue to offer its existing pay-as-you-go subscription and premium live-interview packages.