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Cammio introduces Smart Scheduling

Cammio has introduced Smart Scheduling as a new feature on the Cammio platform. The new functionality helps recruiter users make interview appointments with candidates without the traditional scheduling hassles. Smart Scheduling complements the recently re-launched Cammio live interview functionality that already introduced panel interviews and interview scripts in an entirely new user interface. With the additional scheduling functionality, conducting video interviews have never been easier.

Scheduling interviews is one of the most time-consuming parts of the recruitment process and often causes both unnecessary delays and frustration – adding to the risk of losing valuable talent. With variables of multiple participants, busy calendars, and delays in communication, scheduling too often simply is highly inefficient. The smart scheduling tool is fit-for-purpose and makes it possible to plan live interviews in real-time – allowing recruiters and hiring managers to put full focus on candidate engagement to strengthen the candidate experience.

How does it work?

Recruiter users on the Cammio platform can expose availability in their calendar based on free time-slots in a fixed time-period, or number of selected days. Candidates then are invited to select the most convenient time for them to conduct a live interview based on the real-time availability of the recruiter. Once a time-slot is selected, the interview is pushed into the calendars of both candidate and recruiter, after which they receive a personal link to enter the video interview on the agreed date and time.