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Cammio launches Video Pitch Widget

Apply with Personality confronts the text motivation!

The Hague / Düsseldorf – 25 January 2019 – The video recruitment experts at Cammio today announced the launch of the Video Pitch Widget. Recruiters on the Cammio platform can easily generate an embed-code widget and integrate video in their application form without the need for web development or lengthy integration processes. Recruiters can simply copy-paste the embed code to provide candidates with the opportunity to apply with personality. The widget offers innovative features such as the ability to read available input fields from the form in order to capture name and email of the candidate, but also the option to use a completion handler and post-back to external systems. The Cammio Video Pitch Widget is a fully responsive element, dynamically sizing to the screen estate available, providing all functionality in a player-sized format.

Bas Dirkse, CTO at Cammio, adds: “We wanted to dramatically reduce the technical requirements for recruiters to implement the video pitch in their application form. As video is rapidly becoming the communication medium of choice, we believe that every single candidate should be offered the opportunity to use video to support their initial application. The Video Pitch Widget is designed for high ease-of-use for both recruiters and candidates alike. Our implementation has made the Video Pitch a viable and attractive alternative for the traditional motivation letter.”

The Video Pitch Widget complements the Automated and Live Video Interviews on the Cammio platform. All video interview formats can be used in different stages of the application and selection process. The Video Pitch is typically used in the application form as an alternative to the written motivation or cover letter. As the use of video continues to surge on social media and in communication in general, using video in the application process is also rapidly increasing. Most candidates are not selected on their writing skills. Providing candidates with an optional video pitch in the application form helps cater to the developing needs of candidates in communication.

Since the Cammio Video Pitch Widget can be used stand-alone and without the need for web development, implementation times to activate video functionality in the recruitment process can be further minimized. If there is an integration to an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) available already, the video recording will also be made available in the ATS.  To that end Cammio has also developed a Player Widget alongside the Video Pitch Widget. This allows ATS partners to show the video together with all the other candidate data that has been collected on the job requisition. The Video Pitch Widget combined with the Video Player Widget create a truly seamless experience for both recruiter and candidate alike.

About Cammio

Cammio was first introduced in 2013 to allow candidates to show their true potential using video with the credo ‘No-Talent-To-Waste’. We have since developed into a European leader in video recruitment, providing a wide range of video interview formats as well as scheduling, assessment and communication technology to engage candidates throughout the recruitment lifecycle. Some of the world’s strongest employer brands have selected the Cammio platform and our dedicated team of video recruitment experts to power its talent acquisition process with a high focus on candidate experience and talent conversion. Cammio offers integrations to over 30 Applicant Tracking Systems, HR Information Systems and Assessment Providers, welcoming new partners to its HR Tech Ecosystem every month.