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Cammio is on the move!

The Hague/ Düsseldorf, 23. April 2021- Our teams in both Düsseldorf and The Hague have relocated to a new home base at the start of April. It was time for a change of scenery and upgrade our working environment to mark a new chapter of expansion.

The German team in Düsseldorf has packed up at the Super7000 co-working space that has been their home base and the vibrant event location for numerous HR-Tech Meetups over the past 3 years. They have now moved in with our colleagues at StepStone’s super modern headquarters in the Medienhafen in Düsseldorf. This will allow us to create even more collaboration magic and joint market impact. The team in the Hague meanwhile left their beloved office in the Lange Houtstraat with a tear and a smile and set up camp just about 500 meters on the other side of the Plein and Parliament. The new office is not only better set up for collaboration but also includes our very own video studio.

Take a look around our new ‘professional living room’ ?

“The past year has provided us with new insights when it comes to designing our workplace. We asked ourselves how we want to shape collaboration going forward. We have always provided the opportunity to work from home as often and whenever you wanted. Our new office set-up now really reflects that reality long-term. It is designed as a professional living room where we go to be together whenever we want to create, collaborate and hang-out with our workmates. We have also created space for events and have capacity to provide collaboration space for our partners and clients. ” Walter Hueber, CEO and co-founder of cammio, explains.

The new office addresses are:

Cammio the Hague
Spui 1
2511 BL Den Haag
The Netherlands

Cammio Düsseldorf
Völklinger Str. 1
40219 Düsseldorf

We’re looking forward to facilitating even more Happy Hiring from these two new locations. Shoot us a message if you want to spend us a corona-proof visit!