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Cammio opens partner location in South Africa

The Hague, 22 March 2019 – Cammio expands its global coverage with a new partner location in Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition to its owned offices in the Netherlands and Germany, Cammio now has a total of three partner locations in North America, Southeast Asia and Africa. Local partner VentureWeb in Johannesburg will introduce a range of recruitment technologies in the region with Cammio as the platform-of-choice for video recruitment. 

“Every year we see a significant increase in the number of video interviews and their geographical spread. We have built a strong brand and customer portfolio in Europe, based on our continuous innovation and the added value to the recruitment process at our clients. Outside of our European market, we select partners as experts who know the dynamics, networks and culture of their local markets. These partners are a relevant addition to our geographical footprint. They help ensure that the Cammio technology is easily accessible to recruiters globally,” says Rogier Happel, responsible for Partners at Cammio.

Cammio was originally established in 2013 as a European provider of video recruitment software, based out of the Netherlands. In 2018, over half of its clients already came from markets outside of the Netherlands. Video interviews are conducted by candidates in every continent, from Asia to South America. VentureWeb will now launch a range of selected HR Tech Tools to the South African market in the upcoming months, with a primary focus on mid-sized, large and multinational corporations. These organizations shall receive the perfect localized support, in order to make hiring decisions based on personality, on Cammio, with the help of the local VentureWeb expert team.