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Cammio supports Recruiters for Good with automated video interviews

The Hague/ Düsseldorf, 12 April 2020-  Cammio is proud to support the non profit organisation Recruiters for Good with automated video interviews to help employers find the best match for their emergency vacancies.

TRU Amsterdam was one of the last recruitment events that took place before the corona crisis in the Netherlands and it was also the place where the foundations of Recruiters for Good where set. The initiators of the platform had been thinking about using the specific knowledge, experience and networks of the recruitment community for a good cause. The brainstorming session at TRU Amsterdam made them all come together and the accelerated impact of the corona crisis on the labour market gave extra momentum to the launch of the platform.   

“Tumultuous times have turned the entire labor market upside down.”, the recruiters write on their newly launched website. “On one hand big groups of people such as freelancers or people with flexible contracts are losing their jobs, while on the other hand certain organisations are in urgent need of extra manpower.” Recruiters for Good wants to unite the recruitment community to really make a difference. “Of course we are more than happy to contribute to this initiative with automated video interviews, which will be used to match employers and job seekers without the need for a physical encounter.” Walter Hueber, CEO and co- founder at Cammio explains. The integration of the video recruitment software into the Smartrecruiters ATS, will make the entire process as efficient as possible.

The Recruiters for Good initiative goes beyond the current crisis. Why not use their  knowledge and network to help refugees or ex-convicts to find their way back onto the labour market? Cammio looks forward to boosting these ideas with a little help of the power of video. Head over to the Recruiters for Good website, if you have an emergency vacancy, are looking for a new job or have ideas, time and enthusiasm to support their good cause in any way!