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Cammio wins the HR Innovation Award 2018 in the category Recruiting!

Cologne, 12 September 2018 – Cammio is proud to announce that is has secured the highly-desired HR Innovation Award 2018. Cammio was awarded the top spot in the category “Recruiting & Attraction” by the jury out of a total of 110 entries competing for the award. The award recognizes the innovative work Cammio has done with its Xpress Analytics functionality to help create an automated verbal reasoning pattern based on the verbal reasoning patterns.

The HR Innovation Award

Announced on September 10th, at the opening ceremony of Zukunft Personal Europe, the flagship ExpoEvent for all matters concerning the World of Work in Cologne, Cammio was among the finalist of the HR Innovation Award. A prize that is known to recognize dynamic enterprises that explore totally new paths with their products. Its objective is the advancement of the markets innovative power, and to offer innovators a stage in the spotlight of the media’s attention.

As the Koeln Messe ExpoCenter opened its doors, the ceremony began on a short introduction about Artificial Intelligence as the main theme of this 2018 edition. The winning companies were distributed among four categories.

  • HR Transformation & Consulting
  • HR Software & Hardware
  • Training & Learning
  • Recruiting & Attraction

Competing in the last one, Cammio shared the finalist scene with StudyDrive, a company aiming to help students achieving their goals, and Truffls, an application to facilitate the contact between a candidate and their dream company.

Exceptionally, the jury, composed of 13 highly qualified academics, media representatives and business developers have selected all 3 of us as Winners for the Recruiting & Attraction category!

It is a true source of pride for Cammio to share the prize with StudyDrive and Truffls, two innovators in their own rights applying their efforts to change the recruitment scene.

Our Winning innovation: Cammio Xpress Analytics™

Our latest, most ambitious innovation, Xpress Analytics™, brings Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Video Recruitment. By extracting a unique combination of tonality and linguistic data from interviews, Cammio sorts the talent pipeline with a real-time analysis of candidates’ personality profile. With its deep learning capability, every new hire on the Cammio platform improves the matching algorithm to predict the right fit with more accuracy and less bias than ever before.

Xpress Analytics

Cammio was born out of the passion that a CV does not do full justice to candidates. Technically, a CV is a one-dimensional historic view on job experience and education that ignores the critical aspect of personality determining actual performance in a job. By adding a Cammio video interview early in the selection process, a more complete profile of candidates is created. This has helped our clients to improve predictability and reduce bias in a highly efficient, personalized process.

‘’ With Xpress Analytics™, we can now provide an intelligent learning process based on a large number of data points that we collect in the video interview. This helps sort candidates based on a matching algorithm, guiding both recruiter and hiring manager in the selection process. ‘’ Bas Dirkse, Cammio’s CTO.

Cammio’s leading technology is on an Award Streak since 2014!

This latest prize comes as another validation by the HR Tech industry of Cammio’s efforts to upgrade recruitment.

An effort that has already been acclaimed in the past with a nomination for the Recruitment Tech Award 2017 in the category ‘’Best Tooling’’ and two Awards winning in 2016 for Cammio’s cooperation with European lingerie retailer Hunkemöller and ATS provider HROffice. Among them, the prestigious Werf& Award in recognition of their joined recruitment campaign, and the digital Communication Award in the category ‘’Employer Branding & Recruiting’’ against over 700 competitors. But also our very first award in 2014, winning the Recruiting Innovation Award Europe, recognized exceptional recruiting innovations in the daily work process of in-house recruiters and disruptive third-party technology solutions.

Together with our vision that there is more to the candidate than a piece of paper, it fuels our ambition to always provide clients with the most innovative and market-leading functionality available.

Cheers to 2018, and Happy Hiring!