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Cammio and Yobs partner in data-driven video interviews

Los Angeles / The Hague, September 29th 2020 – HR Technology innovation leaders Yobs Technologies Inc, specialised in data extraction from digital meetings, and Cammio, the video recruitment experts, have entered into a partnership that allows the companies to commercially offer their combination innovative services in an integrated environment and cooperate in future product and market development. The combined offering is aimed at organisations that want to go beyond CV selection and be able to select talent remotely based on bias-free insights in personality and soft skills.

Raphael Danilo, CEO and co-founder at Yobs, comments: “Our focus is on delivering an API that lets operations and talent leaders unlock the behaviour, soft skills and personality data trapped in their digital meetings. We wanted to partner with a technology leader in video recruitment software to ensure our clients and their candidates can have the best possible interview experience available in the market today. Cammio brings exactly that and on top of it has building integrations as a core competence sharing our vision to allow an effortless combination of HR Tech to build a fit-for-purpose recruitment process.”

Yobs is currently available as a platform extension in Cammio that can be activated based on specific client needs. The integration delivers a rich candidate profile that includes the industry standard BIG5 model on extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, openness and emotional stability as well as a range of sub-facets. In addition, the scientifically validated assessment service uses trained professionals and natural language processing to assess an individual’s soft skills. Yobs is available with Cammio automated interviews where candidates engage in a structured remote interview with pre-defined questions that they can answer at their convenience as part of the selection process. Next to its use on talent acquisition, practical use cases also exist in leadership development and internal mobility since the service goes beyond experience and helps assess potential, regardless of the career path to date.

About YOBS

Yobs offers rich video and text-based talent assessments to support global and distributed teams in their recruitment, talent management and internal mobility efforts. Yobs customers virtually access trained assessment experts equipped with technology and data-driven best practices.

About Cammio

Cammio supports organizations around the globe to attract, engage and select talent remotely with an award-winning video recruitment platform that has the candidate experience at its core. Cammio is part of the international StepStone Group, offering a range of recruitment solutions to help candidates find the job they love.