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Cammio Clips shines in a new look & feel

Elevate your recruitment game with personalised video messages ๐Ÿš€

Our video messaging tool, Cammio Clips, now shines in a new look & feel! This counts for the Cammio Video Recruitment Platform itself as also for the Clips Chrome extension. Additionally, we added a few features, to make your videofied outreaches even more efficient and easy.ย 

Enhanced user interface

Our sleek and intuitive new interface makes creating and sharing personalized video clips easier than ever before. Spend less time navigating, and more time engaging with potential candidates.ย 

Video recruitment boost
Efficiency Boost

You now have the option to duplicate your Clips! In this way, you can reuse one video clip for several candidates by just changing the additional information and/or contact details.ย 

Clips, directly in your browser

The Clips Chrome extension now exactly mirrors the platform! Access all functionalities via the Chrome extension with no need to leave the browser page youโ€™re currently on.

Christine Nicole Jung, Practice Leader Recruiting – DIS AG

โ€œWe use Cammio Clips and Cammio Stories for personal, authentic and creative outreach which allows us to stand out from the competition. Video messages help us with little effort to build up our network, increase response rates and achieve faster success in recruiting.โ€

Curious about the benefits of video messaging for your sourcing strategy?