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Cammio helps recruiters to analyse candidates’ answers for competencies 

The Hague/Düsseldorf, 5. September 2022 – The video recruitment experts at Cammio announce the launch of a new feature, that presents TA professionals with a complete competency profile based on their candidate’s video interview. The spoken text from the video interview is transcribed and analysed with the help of natural language processing (NLP), resulting in a competency profile based on the European skills, competences, qualifications and occupations (ESCO) framework.  

Efficiency for all involved

Competency assessment traditionally requires an extra step in the recruitment process and is therefore usually only offered to the most promising candidates. The competence finder enables TA professionals to personally get to know their candidates and compile a competency profile at the same time. “Now more than ever we see that TA needs to focus on speed and the ultimate candidate experience. The competence finder collects insights without the need for an extra interaction and therefore increases the efficiency of the process for both candidates and recruiters.” Sandhna Chintoe, MD international at Cammio explains.

“Now more than ever we see that TA needs to focus on speed and the ultimate candidate experience.”

Sandhna Chintoe
Fair and transparent

The NLP techonology powering the competence finder bases its findings exclusively on the transcribed spoken text from the candidate’s video interview. This makes it extremely easy to trace back its steps and understand what passages the analysis is based on. “When working with AI we find it important to offer full transparency to recruiters and hiring managers. The semantic analysis helps recruiters to quickly grasp the essence of a candidate’s answers, making it easy to compare candidates or benchmark them against a predefined profile.” according to Sandhna. 

How it works:

🎬 Candidate completes video interview 
📝 Spoken text is transcribed 
🤖 Transcription is analysed  
✅ Competency profile is available 

The competence finder is available for all users on the Cammio platform as of today. Your client success manager will contact you for more information.