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Cyquest teams up with Cammio to combine Video Recruitment and Gamification

Cammio has started a collaboration with German HR diagnostic expert Cyquest to provide HD, latency-free, video interviews as part of their assessment suite. Not only will recruiters be able to discover the personality behind a CV but, with Cyquest, they will now be able to further analyse applicants’ potential and cognitive abilities through more than 50 entertaining tests.

Gamification is the key. By making accessible and clever tests, designed according to well-established theories of psychology, Cyquest creates a proper context to get unbiased results. The process keeps applicants engaged and challenges them to show the best of themselves. With the help of Cammio, recruiters can now get a real feeling of a candidate rather than letting the numbers speak for themselves.

By combining both services in a common suite, companies will be able to gather candidates’ results straight into their ATS. These secured integrations with candidate management systems respect both candidates’ privacy and ownership of their datas.

Before its full deployment, this service is currently available on request only.