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Dimitri Knysch joins as Managing Director DACH

Cammio has rapidly developed to become the European market leader in video recruitment. Germany, Austria and Switzerland (or DACH as a region) in particular are key markets where the company has seen strong demand for its innovative recruitment technology. To support the development in DACH and further accelerate growth, the team welcomes Dimitri Knysch as its Managing Director DACH.

Formerly responsible for the global HR Diagnostics Rollout at global retailer METRO AG , Dimitri Knysch brings extensive experience with designing successful Talent Acquisition Processes and a keen eye for HR Tech innovation.

“ Cammio is one of the fastest, most innovative and client orientated teams I’ve ever experienced. I am keen to change perspectives in recruitment and demonstrate hands-on recruitment tech excellence with candidates at the heart. I  believe that a video interview gives an employer or agency a compelling first impression and provides candidates with a unique opportunity to demonstrate their passion for the role. It is time to end CV’s dictatorship in a talent acquisition process as personality, motivation and cultural fit matters much more. ”

The Cammio DACH team is based in Düsseldorf/Berlin and is built on the Cammio whole-brain philosophy where teams should include all relevant functions, including client success, marketing, development, partner management and sales. Cammio already supports clients including GALERIA Kaufhof, Roland Berger and BMW.