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Almost 70% of European employers have trouble meeting targets aimed at diversity and inclusion in the hiring process.

The Hague/ Düsseldorf, 31. March 2021- The video recruitment experts at Cammio have published a study into the state of diversity and inclusion in the hiring processes of European employers. The survey was conducted among recruitment and hiring professionals to collect best practices and strategies when it comes to attracting and selecting diverse talent.

A real attitude shift is happening: Driving sustainable diversity within an organisation calls for a company-wide, long term strategic effort. Companies who get it right have a lot to win, since organisations with a more diverse workforce are proven to be more innovative and successful.

“As an organisation that has been founded on the principles of #loveyourcandidates and #notalenttowaste , we decided the time was right to get to the bottom of this topic.”, Walter Hueber CEO and co-founder at Cammio explains. The study reveals that diversity and inclusion is definitely high on the agenda and even a strategic topic, but there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome when it comes to practical execution. The majority of organisations surveyed has a strategy in place aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion in the hiring process. Their hiring teams are generally content with their own performance in this area. At the same time almost 70% of the respondents have trouble achieving the targets set around diversity and inclusion. Popular measures taken to attract more diverse talent and create a fair and inclusive selection process are not always backed by scientific research.

About Cammio:

Cammio supports organisations around the globe to attract, engage and select talent remotely with an award-winning video recruitment platform that has the candidate experience at its core. Cammio is part of the international StepStone Group, offering a range of recruitment solutions to help candidates find the job they love.

Take a look at the infographic below for some of the key findings or download the full report for more insights.

The state of diversity & inclusion in the hiring process