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Cammio supports the Global Solutions Initiative in selecting the most promising sustainable projects

Düsseldorf/ the Hague- February 26, 2020, Cammio is proud to support the Global Solutions Initiative, as it assesses and selects the most interesting sustainable projects by young entrepreneurs, researchers and nonprofit organisers from around the world with the help of the award winning video recruitment technology.

The Global Solutions Initiative is a Berlin-based non-profit that proposes policy responses to major global problems, addressed by the G20. As part of an international network of think tanks, the organisation invites heads of government, ministers, leading scientists and representatives of international organisations, civil society and business to the annual Global Solutions Summit in Berlin. Participants of this year’s Summit will discuss solutions to major global challenges, including climate change, financing sustainable infrastructure, social cohesion and employment in the digital age.

“As part of our ‘Young Global Changers’ program, we invite around 100 young people from around the world who are committed to aligning economic activities and policies with environmental and societal needs,” Ole Spies, Program Manager at Young Global Changers explains. Selected applicants will receive a full scholarship for a multi-day stay in Berlin, to participate at the Global Solutions Summit on April 20-21, 2020, in workshops and seminars.

This year, the Cammio video recruitment tool was chosen to select the most promising projects. After an initial screening of 3,600 classic applications from 163 different countries, 450 candidates were invited to answer a few short questions via video to present their initiatives.

“The applicants have responded very positively. The technical support provided by Cammio has been great and the process has allowed us to get a good and above all quick impression of the candidates and their projects. It helps a lot to hear and see someone talk about their project in person in one or two minutes, in addition to their written project description.” according to Ole. “Compared to a written application, the videos made it easier for us to assess what the goals and strengths of the projects were and to what extent these matched with our goals”.

“When I heard from Ole that the Young Global Changers are all about supporting young sustainable entrepreneurship and social engagement, I knew that Cammio had to support them”, says Dimitri Knysch, Managing Director DACH at Cammio, “I am very proud that we are able to give committed young people the opportunity to present themselves and their projects in person and that we are able to help the programme managers to create a fair and efficient selection process”.