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New video interview integration in Cubiks HIRE

London / The Hague, April 29, 2019 – Talent Assessment Solutions Supplier Cubiks and the Video Recruitment Experts at Cammio, today announced the launch of Cammio automated interviews in Cubiks HIRE, the modular assessment portfolio solution built to make the best screening and selection decisions – quickly, easily and with confidence. Cammio automated interviews are available as a new assessment module for clients on the Cubiks HIRE platform and can be combined with any of the other assessment modules to create a fit-for-purpose assessment flow for any role or organisation.

Thomas Eymond-Daru, partner at Cubiks explains: “I am proud to see our cooperation with Cammio evolving from successfully servicing mutual customers together and running remote assessments on Cammio. The integration in Cubiks HIRE brings our cooperation to a whole new level, any client can now access the Cammio video interview functionality and benefit from the added humanised speed and candidate engagement that video brings. The specialty of Cammio complements our innovative portfolio assessments and enables us to offer a rounded view of candidates to our clients.”

As one out of a total seven modules in Cubiks HIRE, Cammio automated video interviews, can be added with tailored video or text questions, customizable settings in recording duration, re-takes, but also competency scoring and ratings. Cammio video interviews can be completed installation-free on the award-winning Cammio user interface. Cubiks clients can view the video interviews together with the other tests in the Cubiks HIRE user interface.

Cubiks HIRE focuses on what’s most crucial to success in organisations, and for specific roles. With a ‘best-match’ score and group report ranking, Cubiks HIRE empowers employers to make data-driven hiring decisions quickly and at scale, so they can stay ahead of their competition. With 7 assessment modules to select from, employers can go beyond ability and gain insights into values & culture match, personality & workstyle, language fluency and situational judgement.