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Extending our offering with audio interviews for maximum candidate flexibility 

The Hague/Düsseldorf, 3 June 2022- As of today, we are extending our automated interviews offering with a new feature: audio-only interviews. This gives candidates the option to complete their automated interview with a spoken recording instead of a video recording. The new functionality allows recruiters to fully customise the automated interview to match the needs of their candidates best.

“In the current candidate-led market we see that organisations are at high risk of losing candidates in the process. Tailoring the hiring process to the specific needs and preferences of the candidates is of the essence right now. With audio interviews we are adding more flexibility while still leveraging the benefits of capturing a candidate’s personality beyond the limitations of text.”

Sandhna Chintoe, MD international at Cammio

Employers on the Cammio platform will be contacted by their client success manager to activate the audio-only functionality.