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MOIA counts on video to optimise their recruitment process

MOIA, the young, indepent mobility company of Volkswagen Group, focuses on the needs and challenges of people in urban areas. With the MOIA ridepooling system, people share a ride whose starting point and destination are in a similar direction. Requests are simply made via the MOIA app. Around 1,300 employees at the Berlin and Hamburg sites work on MOIA’s own ridepooling services. From app and algorithm development to fleet management, MOIA is creating its own digital ecosystem including partnerships with cities and public transport providers. Mobility should be easier, more efficient and more environmentally friendly – to realize this mission MOIA has a constant need for new talent. MOIA Operations Germany GmbH (responsible for the driver and depot management) has been using the Cammio video recruitment platform since spring 2021 to identify said talent.

The overall picture of candidates

Asynchronous video interviews support MOIA’s recruiting team in gaining an overall impression of the applicants right at the beginning of the selection process without the scheduling effort of classic (telephone) interviews. The recruiting process becomes fairer, more holistic, and efficient for all involved. Every applicant for a specific position goes through the same video interview and has the chance to convince not only with competencies and experience, but also with personality, motivation, and cultural fit. The video interview can be conducted regardless of time and location, on any device and directly in the browser. This allows the MOIA recruiting team to get to know more candidates in less time and make decisions based on the overall impression. Cammio’s automated video interviews are now also an integral part of MOIA’s Assessments for drivers and back-office positions, resulting in positive feedback from applicants. The seamless integration of asynchronous video interviews into the softgarden applicant management system is adding efficiency to the workflow of MOIA’s recruiting team.

“Cammio not only gives us the opportunity to get a better first impression of our applicants and to make the application process faster and more efficient on the applicant side, but also gives the applicants the chance to get to know us directly in the form of short videos. This is also reflected in the feedback from the applicants.”
– MOIA Recruiting Team

Authentic insights – attract & engage with video first

The implementation of automated video interviews was just the beginning of MOIA’s video recruitment journey. MOIA wants to give candidates authentic insights into the company, the teams and the various positions even before they apply. With the help of video job ads, Cammio Stories, a personal relationship with applicants is established even before the application, which has a positive effect on the quality of applications. The first video story is already in the starting blocks and will address potential future MOIA drivers. We are looking forward to seeing the results!