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Cammio is now available in 3 new languages

30. May 2018

As an increasing number of candidates experience video interviews world-wide, we are pleased to announce that Cammio’s User Interface is now available in 3 new languages : Italian, Romanian and Japanese. This addition will complete the nine tongues already available in the system.

With the core goal of providing a genuinely seamless experience, tailored to individuals, our team of experts have worked with language specialists to design natural user paths in ItalianRomanian and Japanese. While the first two languages are based on Latin script writing, the latest uses a kanji-kana system and required a specific implementation process. An endeavour that paved the way to more logographic-based languages such as Chinese or Korean in the future.

We are confident that this new addition will benefit both candidates and recruiters willing to use Video Interviews in different parts of the globe.

This article is from 2018.

Since the publication of this article the number of languages on the Cammio platform has been extended to 13.